Monday, March 22, 2010

James Bruce King and Bruner & Bay

Thursday March 25 , 4:30 - 8:30pm (Con)Temporary Art Space 208 S Wabash

Jon us for very special Thursday Night Opening at (C)TAS with James Bruce King, Bruner and Bay and Reuben Kincaid on Youtube karoake. Plus We have NEW magazines, like Graphic (from S Korea) and Politics is Not a Banana by the Instute for Experimental Freedom ( a must have radical sexual politics book!)

In the main gallery: I Rode with James Bruce King

James Bruce King is a part time cab driver, artist, writer and sometimes homeless 60+ year old gentleman with a lot on his mind.

(C)TAS is pleased to present a selection of Mr Kings works on paper that are screen shots for a novel he has been working on that depicts contemporary fairy tales in the Kingdom of Daley. Using shamanistic visions, Alice in Wonderland, pot holes, Harold Washington, the Daley Center and many other local symbols in his work, Bruce weaves a schizophrenic tale of conspiracy, desperation with his parafictional autobiography.

In the Back Room: flatform dvd unarchiving:

flatform dvd unarchiving:
In 2001 bruner and bay deconstructed the built environment of Chicago with flatform: A perspective reclamation project connecting concept with form and structure with content. Now for 2010 b&b are pleased to have transcoded the flatform archives to DVD with stunning clarity and fidelity.

The remaining signed and numbered flatform packs will now include this DVD along with the full color booklet, show card, button (1 of 6), and VHS for only $15.

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