Monday, March 15, 2010

NOW! every Wednesday at noon is Laugh Out Lunch

Laugh Out Lunch is a lunch time comedy hour hosted by Nick Bahr.
it starts at Noon every Wednesday..

Bring your Chipotle Burrito to the (C)TAS and hunker down with something funny.

We're talking stand-up comedy, improv and sketch. Enjoy some of that comedic style that Chicago holds so dearly as the LOL gang serves it up to the suits with stomach ulcers.

You really don't know comedy until that yoo-hoo blows out your nose. right?

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  1. HFH. "serving it up to the suits with stomach ulcers"!! I have just come across the word lumpenproletariate, I'm from Devon in UK so i have an excuse for being a bit behind. Whos running the party?? Lol.


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