Saturday, January 30, 2010

What Is (C)TAS?

The (Con) Temporary Art Space:
A Multi-use Studio and Artists Workshop
208 S Wabash

open 11- 5:30 pm

The (Con) Temporary Art Space, due to open February 15th, 2010, will be an avenue for discussion, research and action. The former retail space will be used as a working studio by cultural workers, producers, artists and designers for projects they are working on collectively and individually. The Public will be able to absorb these presentations as well as share their ideas about contemporary art. The (Con)Temporary Art Space will function as a information center and a place to learn about Chicago's diverse art ecology.

In addition to hosting public programs such as film screenings, lectures, and workshops, The (Con) Temporary Art Space will also incorporate the following projects and components:

Info Bureau - The Info Bureau will provide materials, fliers, books etc., for the public to pick up in order to conduct their own self guided tours. Artists will have the opportunity to create their own personal "guides" and maps for distribution to the public.

An Other Chicago - An in-depth cultural mapping and directory project, this interactive wall map will be a resource of spaces, places and cerebral territories that represent the diverse cultural ecology of Chicagoland. A version of this map will eventually be published and distributed in the Spring 2010 as part of Version festival and Proximity Magazine.

Co-Working Studio - Working artists will be able to utilize the space for meetings, personal work, group projects, as well as to contribute to the An Other Chicago project. This temporary studio is an experiment in collaborative production.

The Concept Shop - The space will include a Concept Store to distribute and display artifacts made by Artists; working artists and students will operate the space on a daily basis. The shop are will display books, journal, magazines, art and other ephemera for sale to the public.

Exhibition Room - Members of the (Con)Temporary Art Space group will each curate short run exhibitions featuring artists and works of their choosing. Shows will rotate frequently.