Friday, April 9, 2010

SpiderBug presents "Exothermia and Shadow Play"

"Exothermia and Shadow Play"

Exothermia & Shadow Play is a program of short films/videos and installations that focus on fire, light, fireworks, and/or shadows and darkness. SpiderBug is a mobile short film festival organized by Catie Olson and Erik Brown that initiates film screenings that focus on specific themes, often science based, that encourage mixed media and interactivity with the audience.

Video installation pieces: Alex Menocal, Orla McHardy, Dominic Moore, and more.

Short video/film program:
Laura Klein, Michael Converse, Stephanie Loveless, Michael Morris, Christopher Santiago, Alberto Aguilar, Carl Warnick and more.

Wednesday, April 21st, 5-9pm, screening at 7pm Free
at 208 S Wabash, Chicago

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