Thursday, April 1, 2010


Charles Joseph Smith
specializes in preformance dance
he does buto (butoh in english)
he also incorporates some of his other dance
135 some preformances over the years
he was in the john cage music circus
played piano
and does other music art
He will be having at least 15 minutes of original music
he likes all types of music
he's also going to wear pink and he is going for the cross dresser look
w\ pink hat
& pink ear muffs
its not going to be all pink no no
& not exactly drag
but totally fucking awesome.
part of my interveiw with Charles
"I've seen cross dressers.
i did the jeezebel project."
he was going to have two collaborators but they declined
mallory and kara
it might start at 7 should be finished by 7:25
hes been doing this since about 1998.

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