Saturday, February 13, 2010

Call for Performance Art

Dear friends,

I am posting an open call for artists who include performative art into their work, whether it be narrative, video, new media, technological, comedy, or just straight up repetitious. The exhibition will be sometime in March, though I haven't set a date. It will take place, here, at the (Con)temporary Art Space, Chicago. Please email me if you are interested. This will be a one-night event in which we will all gather and absorb the installation/performance/video/new media work of artists in Chicago and beyond!


  1. I'd like to submit some video works, could I get more information? Thanks. Hale Ekinci

  2. I, too, would like more information ! ! ! When are submissions due? Do you have wireless Internet?

    -Andre Lenox

  3. I also would like more information.

  4. Is this call still open? I would love to find out more...


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